Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have a 78 card structure correlating to major and minor life events.

Tarot Cards are the tool that allows Cassie uses to connect to your energy and to help you find clarity into your life’s purpose.

Areas Covered: Health, Love, Relationships, Finances, and Career.

Mediumship Readings

In this session, Cassie connects to your loved ones in Spirit who have crossed over. She delivers evidence of the afterlife and delivers messages of hope and healing.

Sigil Magic

Cassie tunes into your soul, higher self and the Universe to connect to your guides and hers to create a sigil that is one of a kind and uniquely channeled for your hightest good based on your desired intention.

You will recieve a sigil along with an incatation to invoke your Sigil once recieved.

*Note: Only Sigils with a positive intention will be considered.